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You want the power? You got it! Create your own comparisons of the best degree programs and colleges and universities to make the most well-informed decision for your educational future. Find out which degree is right for you and pick a school based on the facts and head-to-head comparisons that you design, only at

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Is Online Learning a Good Fit for Me?

Not sure if online education is right for you? In just a few minutes you can determine if you have what it takes to achieve your educational goals online. Developed by a leading researcher on social media and college student engagement, our online learning assessment helps you quickly assess if you have the skills and motivation for online success.

Compare Programs

You wouldn’t buy a dishwasher without comparison shopping, so it’s the least you would expect as you make decisions about your education. Create your own head-to-head comparisons with different programs based on the criteria that matter most to you. Then, make a smart choice about your education.

Make Your Own Rankings

There are a host of important features to consider when choosing an online educational program. gives you the power to build your own rankings on factors the magazines may not consider when looking at traditional colleges and universities. Make your own rankings or take a look at the Great Degree Online Education Rankings.