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Q: There are so many online degrees out there. How do I find the right one for me?

A: When making any big decision, especially one as big as enrolling in a school and pursuing a degree, you should always make sure to do your research. Yes, there are hundreds of online degree programs available, but there are only a handful, at the most, that are right for you. Try using GreatDegree’s Compare Programs tool to line up your options and look at them side-by-side.
  Q: Is it true that a MBA from a brick-and-mortar school is better than an online MBA?

A: Not true. Recent research and studies have shown that online degrees are gaining popularity among employers, and many employers have made it known that they are as accepting of online MBAs as they are of traditional ones. To learn more about the recently released reports and news, please read Are Online Degrees Popular Among Employers?.
Q: The location of an online school is very important to me. I want to be able to visit the campus to use student services or to deal with any problems. Where can I find online programs at a school near me?

A: You’re not alone; more than 85 percent of all online students come from within 50 miles of campus or from within the state or surrounding states. In most instances, a school will have multiple campus locations throughout the nation. GreatDegree’s Campus Finder for each school will help you determine whether or not there is a local campus. Find online schools near you now.
  Q: I don’t understand the different types of accreditation. I am transferring from a school that is regionally accredited to one that is nationally accredited. Will my credits transfer?

A: Yes, your credits should transfer. Credits earned at a regionally accredited university or college will transfer to institutions that are either regionally or nationally accredited. However, credits from a nationally accredited school may not always transfer to a regionally accredited institution. To learn more about the different types of accreditation, please read the Distance Learning 101 article, National vs. Regional Accreditation: the Basics.


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