Jul 20, 2016

Course Title: Goodbye to Shy

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Hours required: 24  
Price: $99  
Length course offered: 6 Weeks   
Instructor: Kimberly Floyd [Bio]


Want to learn how to overcome shyness? Now you can-from someone who has been there! The ability to connect with others affects everything we do, from advancing in our careers to attracting a mate. If your shyness keeps you from having the life you want, here's your chance to learn the secrets to overcoming it. You'll find out how to appreciate your positive qualities while changing the negative behaviors you want to alter.

By the time you finish this course, you'll be able to increase your self-confidence while reducing physical symptoms of anxiety. You'll feel more comfortable initiating both casual and deep conversations, and you'll know how to relate effectively in romantic situations.

In addition, you'll learn techniques for effective public speaking, which consistently tops the lists of people's greatest fears! You'll have opportunities to practice assertiveness and conflict resolution techniques, and you'll be able to create your own action plan for achieving the level of sociability that you desire.

Full of encouragement and practical strategies, this course will be your guide to achieving the confidence you need to fulfill your personal and professional goals!


In this encouraging and practical course, you'll find out how to reduce anxiety, build self-esteem, strike up conversations with others, win friends, and act confidently in romantic relationships.

Grading System:

Confirmation of Completion awarded with passing score.

School Description:

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Instructor Bio: Kimberly Floyd

Kimberly Floyd is a Registered Nurse, a technical writer, and an instructor. She has developed classroom and Web-based training for the medical, banking, education, and telecommunications industries. Ms. Floyd developed her teaching methodology to help nurses identify and cope with the stressors unique to that challenging profession. Her goal is to help others gain the skills needed to overcome stress or anxiety, recognize their unique gifts, and face each day with renewed optimism and grace.