Jul 20, 2016

Course Title: Photoshop Elements 8 for the Digital Photographer

School: At a college near you (click "Enroll Now" to see location). [Learn More]
Hours required: 24  
Price: $99  
Length course offered: 6 Weeks   
Instructor: Beverly Schulz [Bio]


This course is designed both for those with no previous image editing experience and those upgrading to Elements 8 from an earlier version of the program.

You'll achieve high-quality results with your images without having to learn complex professional techniques. And you'll see how Photoshop Elements 8 gives you room to grow while making it easy to achieve amazing results even in the early stages of your learning.

So get ready to unlock the mysteries of Photoshop Elements 8. The hands-on, easy-to-follow exercises in this course will leave you with a great feeling of accomplishment!


You'll know how to edit images on your computer, correct flaws, enhance the final product, create simple art projects, prepare images for e-mail and the Web, and more.

Grading System:

Confirmation of Completion awarded with passing score.

School Description:

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Instructor Bio: Beverly Schulz

Beverly Schulz is a freelance photographer and a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography's Professional Photographer's program. She teaches a number of classes in digital photography and has more than 25 years of classroom instruction experience. Her writing and photography have been published in a number of magazines. She has traveled extensively and participated in onsite photography workshops as well as independent photo quests. In addition to teaching and photographic work, she provides consulting services for digital photographers and clients.