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Balancing School, Work, and Family

Pursing an education online is supposed to be more convenient, not make things harder. Juggling your education, professional, and personal life isn't easy. But with assistance from GreatDegree, it can be possible. Follow these tips on balancing work, school, and family and read about how other working students were able to succeed in their online education experience.


Tip #2: Get Your Family To Pitch In With Your Online Degree

Posted June 8, 2010 9:00 AM |
Find out how to get your family to pitch in with your online degree.

It’s time to put your family to work! Getting an online education can be a family effort. While you may be the only one who can earn the grade on assignments and exams, that doesn’t mean they can’t help in other ways:

...continue reading

Tip #1: When to study? Whenever you can

Posted May 21, 2010 4:00 PM |
When to study? Learn tips on putting that

Finding a time to study is a struggle for any student, no matter the age, grade, area of study, or number of other obligations. There are always other, “more important” things that need to be done, and studying can always be put off for a couple more minutes.

So when to study? If you’re juggling commitments like school, work, and family… study whenever you can! ...continue reading