Hot Jobs 2010: Despite Moody Economy, Hot Jobs for Graduates Still Available For recent graduates, the health and computer science industries are the leading hot jobs of 2010, according to a new report. Learn more about hot jobs for graduates and salaries.

by Catherine Saez

As the U.S. economy is slowly recovering from the economic crisis, more jobs are popping up and new graduates are in demand to fill those hot job spots in health, green, and more.

And the key to new graduates grabbing a hot job in 2010? Candidates have to “go niche,” targeting some areas showing the most promising careers and recruitment options, according to a special report from the University of California San Diego Extension, "Hot Careers for College Graduates 2010."

The report specifically points at 14 hot careers for college graduates, mainly in the health and computer sectors. The findings are based on enrollment figures, national employment statistics and interviews with San Diego business executives.

Among the industries rising in popularity with hot jobs are:

  • Technology: The digitalization of technology going from computer to cell phones, from television to iPods, creates a need for specialized professionals in fields such as embedded engineering, data mining, and mobile media. According to the 2008-2018 projections from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, network systems and data communications analysts could be the second-fastest growing occupation in the economy.
  • Health: The ageing population and the growing focus on health also create needs for geriatric health care and for new treatments that need to be clinically tried. Demand for medical scientists, biochemists, and biophysicists will also be sustained by developments in new medical technologies, treatments, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Communication: In the fields of adult learning, foreign languages, and feature writing for the web, companies are searching for talented communication professionals.
  • Green: The nation’s focus on sustainable energy and a greener future calls for green jobs.

Some of the hot jobs prospects in 2010 (according to the report and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics) are:

Job Job Description Studies Examples of Annual Mean Wages*
Health Information Technology; Organizing medical records, keeping patients’ files up to date Health information technology, health data requirements and standards, clinical classification and coding systems Medical Records and Health Information Technicians: $33,880
Embedded Engineering Bridging the gap between software and hardware design Electric engineering, computer sciences Computer Systems Design and Related Services, $91,130
Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing: $107,830
Computer Hardware Engineer: $101410
Feature Writing for the Web Web/online news and content Bachelor’s degree in journalism or mass communications.
Liberal arts courses in English, writing, sociology, political science
Editors: $58,440
Journalists: $53,050
Geriatric Health Care Attending to seniors, managing facilities, developing care plans for the elderly Medical doctors, registered nurses, licenses practioner nurses, geriatric nurses, pharmacists, geriatric care managers, certified home health aides, certified nursing assistant Nursing Aid: $24,980
Registered Nurses: $66,530
Pharmacists: $106,630
Home Health Aid: $21,620
Mobile Media Design website, create video content, software applications, interfaces, mobile platforms Graphic designers, videographers, video editors, game developers, software engineers
Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or two-year degrees, associate degrees and certificate in graphic design
Engineers: $96,620
Desktop Publishers: $38,960
Graphic Designers: $47,820
Occupational Health and Safety Preventing accidents on the workplace Bachelor’s degree in a science or engineering discipline, a four-year degree in safety and related subjects or master’s degree in related subjects Health and Safety Engineers: $75,810
Occupational Health and Safety Specialists: $64,200
Occupational Health and Safety Technicians: $47,280
Sustainable business practices and the greening of all jobs Sustainable business practices Engineers in sustainable energy and automotive industries, accountants, architects, urban planner Engineers: $90,600
Urban Planners: $64,680
Architects: $78,880
Marine Biodiversity and Conservation   Marine science professionals, science policy analysts, advocates, natural scientists Natural Science Manager: $127,000
Health Law Careers can span several fields such as health care administration, program and policy development, public health, biomedical and biotechnical research and the pharmaceutical industry Master’s degree, abbreviated LL.M., LL.M. health law programs usually require an additional year of study Lawyer: $129,020

*Estimated wages provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics are calculated with data collected from employers of all sizes, in metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas in every state, according to the Bureau.

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