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GreatDegree.com is the leading source of information on all online educational programs, including degree programs, certification courses, continuing education, professional development, and enrichment programs.  Featuring 1,000 degree-granting colleges and universities, thousands of online degree and certificate programs, and hundreds of online courses, GreatDegree.com provides prospective students with access to the most comprehensive information on distance learning options on the web.  

GreatDegree.com enables students to make smart decisions about their educational future and their career.


GreatDegree.com makes prospective students priority one.

The main objective of GreatDegree.com is to ensure that prospective students find the optimal path for achieving their goals. Simply, GreatDegree.com is on the side of the student, and the site routinely makes choices that prioritize students’ needs over the interests of the schools and institutions featured on the site.

To that end, GreatDegree.com features resources such as the School Comparison Tool, state-of-the-art search and filtering technology, an online learning assessment tool, and wide range of distance learning articles designed to empower students in making an important life choice for their education or their career.  

GreatDegree.com also features a unique ranking system that allows students to create personalized rankings based on the criteria they care most about. Students can build rankings, lists, and comparisons on GreatDegree.com to help them make an informed decision on their education.

GreatDegree.com is on the side of the student.


GreatDegree.com provides unbiased results.

Many prospective students visit GreatDegree.com to try to find a school or educational program that meets their needs.  Many sites say they give visitors a complete listing of their options, but digging deeper reflects that most do not fulfill that promise. GreatDegree.com is different. We are committed to providing site visitors with an objective and complete range of options, focused exclusively on the needs of the student. GreatDegree.com will never prioritize listings from any advertiser above other listings without clearly indicating that advertising or sponsorship is involved. If there is a “Sponsored Listing” or an “Advertisement,” you will know it.

Providing prospective students with all their options is something, but it is not enough. To make it easier for site visitors to peruse the extensive listings, GreatDegree.com has developed a smart but simple multivariable search tool and dynamic filters to optimize search results. Additionally, GreatDegree.com’s Prospect Engine allows users to start with a simple articulation of their main priority – making a career change, developing a new skill, and more – and takes them through a series of questions and related recommendations that incorporate education and career scenarios and outcomes.

With a focus on the student and impartial, straightforward results, GreatDegree.com is a premier, preferred destination for prospective online learners.

GreatDegree.com helps students of all ages and in all phases of life to improve their future to a Great Degree.


Behind GreatDegree.com

GreatDegree.com was developed and is managed by Campus Direct, a leader in serving higher education students for the last 20 years.  To learn more about the people behind GreatDegree.com, visit the Campus Direct Team Page and feel free to contact us with questions, comments, feedback, and partnership and media inquiries.


GreatDegree.com helps prospective students find the optimal path for achieving their goals.